Hans Kennepohl (1967) studied Human Geography at the University of Utrecht (1999) and Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam (2006). Prior to the founding of Serious Culture he was manager and researcher of large policy projects at the Ministry of Transport (50 employees, annual turnover 7 million euros) and manager of a large café-restaurant in Amsterdam (40 employees, annual turnover 1 million euros).

Within Serious Culture, since 5 years he operates as an organizing and publicizing journalist. He was chairman of the National Association of Debating Centres (2006-2009) and chairman of a monthly philosophical debate in Felix Meritis, Amsterdam (2005-2010). Throughout the years, he has established a large network of organizers, scientists, journalists, artists and philosophers with whom he cooperates in different groupings. His working style can be characterized as critical yet humoristic, with always a keen eye on the practical and societal dimension of the subjects he treats.