Since 2005, Serious Culture is annually involved in dozens of debates as organizer, advisor or moderator. A selection of the past two years:

NL RUHR“. Talkshow and press conference on the Dutch participation at RUHR 2010, European cultural capital of 2010. With Margriet Leemhuis (cultural ambassador of the Netherlands) and Stef Oosterloo (manager Art and Culture Rotterdam) and several project leaders and artists. Hosted by Hans Kennepohl, 100 visitors, 23 march 2010.

“The best election campaign of Rotterdam”. Debate on the effectiveness of municipal election campaigns, including the use of social media. With Ton Planken (spindoctor), Kirsten Verdel (former member of campaign staff of  Obama) and Adri Vermaat (journalist Trouw, daily quality newspaper). Hosted by Dick Tuinman. In cooperation with Platform Communicatie Rotterdam, an association of communication and marketing professionals of Rotterdam, 70 visitors, 1 march 2010.

“Give your money away good”. Debate on the rise of philanthropy. With Theo Schuyt (professor of philanthropy) and Jan Loorbach (chairman of Volkskracht, one of the largest charities of Rotterdam). Hosted by Hans Kennepohl. In cooperation with Erasmus University, 70 visitors, 17 february 2010.

“The laws of the media”. Debate on the influence of hypes on justice with Ahmed Aboutaleb (mayor of Rotterdam), Wim van Veen (court president), Henk Korvinus (chief public prosecuter), Henri Beunders (professor Media and Culture) and Bas Haan (journalist). Hosted by Will Tinnemans. On the occasion of the Day of Justice, 200 visitors, 7 november 2009.

“The burden of upbringing”. Debate on the increasing demands on parents with Liesbeth Noordegraaff-Eelens (author of “Children are bought in heaven”), Rene Diekstra (author of  national guidelines on upbringing), Leonard Geluk (councillor Youth, Family and Education of Rotterdam) and Paul Frissen (professor of Public Administration). Hosted by Erno Eskens. In cooperation with Erasmus University, 130 visitors, 9 june 2009.

“Squatting Criminals?”, Debate on the interdiction of squatting with Brigitte van der Burg (MP for the Liberal Party), Hamit Karakus (councillor Public Housing and Urban Planning of Rotterdam), Aetzel Griffioen (initiator National Petition pro-squatting) and Piet Renooy (researcher). Hosted by Ruben Maes. In cooperation with Erasmus University, reports in various media: Geen Stijl, MTNL, NRC, Erasmus Magazine, 110 visitors, 18 may 2009.

“Democracy for Animals”. Debate on animal rights and violent animal activism with Erno Eskens (author of “Democracy for Animals”), Esther Ouwehand (MP for Animal Party), Paul Cliteur (philosopher) and Martje Fentener van Vlissingen (head of animal testing laboratory Erasmus Medical Centre). Hosted by Leon Heuts. Reports in various media: NRC, de Pers and local media, 120 visitors, 8 april 2009.

“The Depression Epidemic”. Debate on the rise of depression with Trudy Dehue (author “The Depression-Epidemie). Hosted by Hans Kennepohl. In cooperation with Erasmus University, 90 visitors, 15 april 2009.

“What is wrong with justice?”. Debate on the recent surge in false convictions in the justice system. With Ton Derksen (author of “Public persecutors gone wrong”), Jacq Taekema (lawyer), Paul Mevis (professor of Law) en John Coster van Voorhout (judge). Hosted by Francisco van Jole. In cooperation with Erasmus University, 80 visitors, 19 may 2008.

“Palestina and Israel”. Debate on the views on the Middle-East of Norman Finkelstein (author of “The Holocaust Industry”).  With Norman Finkelstein and Dries van Agt (former prime minister of Netherlands). 130 visitors, 21 may 2008.

Between 2005 and 2010, Serious Culture chaired Felix en Sofie, a monthly philosophical debate in Felix Meritis, Amsterdam. Guests included André Rouvoet (vice-prime minister), Susan Neiman (director Einstein Institute), Paul Scheffer (publicist), Joris Voorhoeve (former minister of Defence), Herman Philipse (philosopher) and Hans Achterhuis (philosopher).

“De Buitenkansel”. Inspired by Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, London, people are invited to express their views on societal issues in the public street. Eight editions aired on local television TV Rijnmond. Hundreds of visitors, tens of thousands of viewers, july and august 2008.

For the Centre of Art Rotterdam, Serious Culture produced a series of debates on art and philosophy in 2007.

In 2005 en 2006, Serious Culture was responsable for the programming, logistics and marketing of the festival “the Month of Philosophy”, comprizing more than hundred events.